The Woes of Writing a Novel

I don’t know what it is about these lists but I keep finding more to write. At least they’re an easy format (more like lazy). I may be blogging about fitness at the moment but my real big project is a writing one. I’m working on this little story I’ve had running through my brain since I graduated high school, like four years ago… I have a hard time committing to long term projects and sticking with them throughout so that explains the struggle. Recently, however, magic has happened. I’ve made real progress! The only problem is now I’ve run smack into a brick wall and I’m left scratching my head as to how to get over it. The following are some of my problems.

I get discouraged by my writing skills.

I find plot holes that are hard to fix.

I don’t know how I want to write some of my characters.

I fear the scenes I’m writing shouldn’t be there.

I haven’t solidified my world and what exactly it looks like. (hashtag sci fi/fantasy world-building problems)

The plot line is difficult to sort out.

The work seems to go on forever.

I spend too much time reading and editing old stuff when I should be powering ahead.

I’m afraid I won’t be prepared to power through all the crap I have to edit when I finish this damned draft.

Notice that I said WHEN I finish. Despite the struggle, I’m truly confident in the story I’m creating. Whether or not it means anything to anyone else in the end, I need to get this done for me. If you can relate to any of my list rant struggles, let me know. Tell me your writing woes. I know I’m not struggling alone. Leave me a comment if you have any advice for me or words of encouragement. I most definitely could use it!


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