Good Eats!

I think it’s pretty safe to say that food is essential for survival. On top of that, it’s one of my favorite parts of  being awake. The problem is, pretty much anyone can struggle with eating what our bodies need and saying no to the crap. I know I do. What can I say? I love a good burger and fries. I’ve fallen in and out of good eating habits and it’s driving me crazy. I know what I should be eating and I know what I shouldn’t but my willpower sometimes just isn’t strong enough to avoid crappy food. I speak for myself and anyone reading when I say this: Have no fear! Change is a long term process that includes struggle and failure, sprinkled with a little shame. It takes time to form good habits and good cravings. It’s possible to stop craving junk. I did it with soda. Now all the soda you’ll see me go for includes vodka (also not so good for you). Again, you win some you lose some. No matter what, eating healthy can be wonderful. There are some killer delicious recipes out there that keep you satisfied and happy. If you fall on your face and proceed to order some MickyD’s, have no fear, there’s always another meal ahead to make better choices. Here are some of my favorite “super foods.” Most are pretty versatile and can be used in many recipes. Also, I’m digging the green smoothies right now like crazy. Methinks I’ll make a green smoothie video some time…

Before I say anything more, I am by no means a “health expert.” No one handed me a piece of paper saying that I know what I’m talking about. I’m coming to you as one human to another. My favorite super foods come from lists established by professionals (many of which don’t agree on a lot of things and keep changing their minds). My real purpose in writing this is to get this message across: It’s possible to change your food taste. I’ve done it numerous times. This requires eating foods you know are healthy even if you don’t particularly enjoy them. Chances are, eventually you’ll start to like those foods. Currently I’m working on developing a love for tomatoes because they’re really healthy. It’s an ongoing process that’s taking longer than expected (it’s a texture thing really). Eating healthy can taste delicious but sometimes it takes time. Your body will start craving all the healthy foods when you consistently provide them. It’s all about habit forming. Then it gets easy (so I’ve been told). Here’s my favorite foods list:

Spinach – So good for you! Eat lots. Make salads. Put it in your smoothies (I promise you wont taste it, just add banana too).

Kale – Also good smoothie supplements. This stuff can be tough for salads but if you let it sit in oil and vinegar with lemon juice for a little while, it’ll soften up and taste delicious. Try some cool Kale salad recipes. It can be delicious when prepared well!

Bananas – Best go to snack. Freeze it and mash it up to make “ice cream” or put it in a smoothie.

Avocado – I’ve been using avocado oil to cook instead of olive oil. I prefer the taste (practically nonexistent) and apparently it does better with high heat.

Coconut – Also a killer oil. And milk. And water. It does it all ladies and gentlemen. Coconut water does make for an effective hangover cure too.

Radishes – These have become my crouton replacement. Adds some crunch and flavor while being awesome for you. Makes for good variety in salad.

Carrots – Baby carrots are an easy and satisfying snack. Need to do something with your mouth and hands out of habit? Munch on these with no guilt. Hasn’t turned my skin orange yet either.

Onions – I didn’t used to like onions as a kid. Not sure what happened, but one day, my perspective changed and onions are a go to for me. Red onions in spinach salad taste delicious too.

Brussels Sprouts – Sautéed brussels sprouts with some sea salt make for a great dish.

Broccoli – I’m one of those weirdos that can munch on raw broccoli and actually enjoy it. Funny thing too because they terrified me as a kid thanks to the Power Puff Girls. Way to teach kids how to eat right, PPG. If you’re not like me, steam them. Get used to them because they’re great for you.

Here are some websites I use to guide my food choices:

Super food list

Buzzfeed Vegetarian Salads

Kale Recipes

Healthier Boozing Drinks (you’re welcome 😉 )

Green Smoothie Recipes

Oil Free Vegan Recipes

And if you need to shoot down any excuses: Excuses


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