Workout at home!

I’ve been around the block when it comes to exercise. Literally, I’ve ran all around my neighborhood… Okay, the point is, I HATE going to the gym. Maybe it’s a sanctuary for some of you out there but for me it’s an overpriced chore. If you love the gym, then by all means, keep going. Power to you. I go once in a while, usually to lift weights or hit the stair master (favorite cardio machine by far). More often than not though, I opt to get my work in at home. I don’t want to drive somewhere to workout. It takes time to go to the gym. If you’re one of those people that uses time as an excuse not to workout, then you’re out of luck now because that excuse won’t work any more. Work out at home. Don’t worry about weights or a sandbag or whatever. All you need is to work your body. I just threw together a small 15 minute circuit workout that I did in my backyard and it was killer. I’ve done these kinds of workouts off and on for years so it was easy for me to make something up. For those less familiar with these workouts, here are some of the resources I use.

Zuzka Light – I absolutely love this woman’s workouts. They’re easy to follow, challenging, and require little to no equipment. I haven’t navigated her website in a while because I like to use a blog called Warriorz that puts 70 of her ZWOW workouts in a straightforward way and allows you to post your scores as you complete them. Easy peasy. There’s a little of everything too with workouts ranging from 10 to 30 minutes and little to no equipment. Do one of these workouts if you’re feeling uninspired or short of time.

Melissa Bender Fitness – Melissa has all kinds of great workouts and her site is easy to navigate. You can find workouts for all levels, targeting any muscle group and different difficulty levels. There are a number of fitness challenges too that can help you set short and long term goals. You can find a little bit of everything here, all workouts possible to do at home. There are bonus healthy recipes too to remind you diet is key for health.

The Angry Trainer – Alfonso Moretti, otherwise known as The Angry Trainer hasn’t been active on youtube as of late but all of his workouts and tips are up for the taking. He has numerous fitness videos, some of which require equipment and some that do not. He’s a personal trainer in awesome shape with some good advice to give. Worth a watch. Give one of his workouts a try and chances are you’ll be sore the next day. What I really like about this guy is that he’s real. He provides free resources to people looking to get fit on his own without pushing any products.

One thing that can really suck about the fitness industry is the smoke screens and nonsense that push people into buying things they don’t need. It’s become largely an industry that preys on the weak, literally. Fitness is important and it’s awesome when people help each other to achieve their goals. However, health regimens and programs can get expensive and various fads convince people to spend lots of money on things they don’t need. Good health doesn’t need to cost anything. Work out at home. Build up the habit of doing these exercises regularly and you won’t have to set foot inside a gym to be in shape.

Of course diet is essential to fitness goals. I’ll put up information on that soon!


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