10 Week Challenge

For those of us who are unable to find some kind of hobby and stick to it, I offer a new way of going about things. Okay, maybe its not so new but here’s my take. Dedicate 10 weeks to something you’ve always wanted to get good at. Set a goal to master in that time and work a little at it every day. Then make progress checks every two weeks to stay on track. There is an amazing number of resources available through the internet. Thank your lucky stars you get to be reading this right now because the internet is a freaking miracle. But don’t forget this. It’s also your worst nightmare. If you’re anything like me, it’s pretty easy to lose most of your day surfing the web, watching videos, reading blogs (ahem), and generally wasting time. I’m going to say this now. All of this time wasting is killing me. Maybe I’m being a bit melodramatic but I do have a serious problem. There’s so many awesome things we can be doing with our spare time these days and yet a lot of us throw opportunities away. Blame it on the ADD. Blame it on fatigue. Whatever. Excuses won’t change anything.

My scatterbrained mind wont stick to something useful. It’s true I have a hard time finishing anything without a looming deadline or a clear requirement. It’s a struggle making good use of what I’ve got. This means there’s one thing left to try: organization. Let’s mix in a dose of public shame for good measure. The plan is simple enough. Pick a project, any project and go at it for 10 weeks. That’s only 2 and a half months, not even a full season. It’s a quarter at college (if you were one of the cool kids on the quarter system). It’s enough time to make some real changes and not too much to overwhelm, hopefully. This is a new venture and essentially a beta test for me so I’m going to stick with what I know my first time around. Fitness and health is my first target and I’m going to dedicate a small chunk of my free time to getting fit to the level I’ve always wanted but could never manage to achieve.

This is my first 10 week challenge: 100 burpees in 10 minutes

If you don’t know what burpees are, they’re a dynamic bodyweight exercise that will kick your ass. You’ve got Google. Look it up! I’m starting at my personal ground zero, of which I’ve just discovered is 76 burpees, and I’m working my way up to my goal throughout the next 10 weeks. Every 2 weeks, I’m going to make an update, touching on the steps I’m taking towards my goal and making a progress check (in this case, that means more burpees. Yay.) I need all the support I can get so if fitness and health interests you, feel free to cheer me on! Go one step further and try this challenge with me. Personal health should be everyone’s concern. Give this a go, modify it, whatever gets you moving. Here’s hoping I set a good example starting today.



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